It all makes sense!

So this update is not only to say how amazingly excited I am that my detox is over (yay!) But that I have an exciting new venture in the works. The detox was great in that I lost about five pounds and kept it off, but more so that I got rid of the crap in my body and learned some amazing new recipes to get more fruits and veggies into my everyday diet. I didn’t quite make it the entire 21 days, but a solid 14 and then a spotty 7 ūüôā ¬†It was a great experience, and one I’m considering doing for the first three weeks in January 2013 also!

But back to the more exciting news, since Mitch and I moved home to Canton I have been in quite a slump. It’s been a combination of things including graduating (have I mentioned Ohio University is my bubble of happy?!), the lack of young people in the area-aka I have 2 friends, my current status with my mom and not having a job. I’ve been on countless interviews and many of them have been amazing opportunities that I am still considering, however, in my heart of hearts I’ve known this whole time that if I don’t start my own business I’ll be unhappy. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. On both sides of my family, back to both grandfathers, my parents, aunts, cousins- my family is happiest writing their own destiny and I would be fooling myself if I thought I could be happy doing anything else. Everything is still very much in the infancy stage but I will say that big things are happening and I am beyond thrilled that my life is all adding up- my passions combined in a purposeful manner. When I was younger I made my mom a sign that she still has hanging up at the garden center that says “Success isn’t finding a job, but finding your passion”. I haven’t even been following my own advice and have been wondering why I’ve been unhappy. Look forward to updates, because they are coming and they’re going to be great- I’m 22 and I’m starting my own business!

PS- Any and all advice is more than ¬†welcomed ūüôā

Week 2

So it’s now day eight and I have successfully entered Week 2 of my detox. I’m not going to lie, living on only fruits, veggies and nuts was hard but Ali and I did it! I wasn’t in love with all of the recipes from¬†so salads and nuts were my saving grace. I loved both the Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger Juice¬†and the Beet, Apple and Mint Juice, but the Green Juice¬†left a little to be desired ūüôā Some of my most challenging moments were when Mitch’s mom and dad took us out to Texas Road House¬†(Oh those rolls!), when we had pizza and Oreos with Mitch’s cousin, Nick, and Nick’s fiance, Erin (Oreos and milk… are you kidding me?!) and at Mitch’s family reunion (Cheesy potatoes aaand Mrs. Ramsey’s meatballs!). Visiting my grandmas was also hard because in, true grandma fashion, they just want to pump me full of delicious food.

Maybe because I maintain a pretty healthy diet, my energy levels were relatively normal. I got dizzy only a few times andwas able to keep up with my normal daily routine minus working out.Before starting the detox I was not only looking forward to the release of toxins from my body, increased energy levels and a since of peace but the weight loss aspect. Contrary to my initial thoughts, I was almost concerned with my five pound weight loss in only seven days. Because of my extremely healthy diet with high vitamins and nutrient content and consistent energy I think it was completely healthy and normal.

Entering Week 2, I’m thrilled about adding seafood, beans and lentils and organic soy to my diet this week. I’ve already had salmon and tuna and I’m very much looking forward to chili and bean soup. Today I whipped up a vegan tuna salad, substituting mashed¬†avocado¬†for¬†mayonnaise and mixing it with tuna and celery- Yum! So far, I’ve been loving learning about different fruit and veggies that I’ve never cooked with and sometimes never even heard of and creating new recipes with those¬†foods. I’m feeling strong, energized and ready to conquer Week 2! Please leave any comments about my detox or recipes that might help get me through the next 14 days- thanks!

2012 Whole Living Action Plan

So I have¬†royally¬†dropped the ball on posting in December. ¬†I’ll do a quick update: Mitch and I moved from Ashtabula, back home to Canton. When we began our jobs at Debonn√© it was with the understanding that we would only be there until December. We had a great run, but it was¬†definitely¬†time to move on. So we moved into my aunt’s house ( Chic Traveling Mama‘s mommy!) and are staying in Canton for awhile saving money for our trip to Italy! Anyways, the holidays came, the relatives came and before I knew it, it’s January 2nd!

I am excited to be starting 2012 on a great foot. My kick-ass friend, Ali Myers and I are attempting to complete the 2012 Whole Living Action Plan. It is a 21 (or bonus 28!) day mind and body challenge. For the first week, our diet is limited to¬†fruits, vegetables, and plant-based fats, including nuts, seeds, and oils. In week two we’ll be adding¬†seafood, beans and lentils, and organic soy back in and finally, in week three¬†gluten-free grains and eggs! After only one day, I can say I have never been more thrilled about the idea of organic soy and eggs than I currently am haha ¬†I have decided to¬†utilize #yeabutwhy to document my detox and also as a sort of accountability (yikes!) throughout the next 21 days. Ali’s already had some problems and it’s only day one so I will be documenting what I eat during the day, my energy levels and my general wellbeing. I’m very excited to start off 2012 free of toxins, junk and the other terrible things I did to my body and liver during my days at Ohio University. My liver is in need of a serious¬†apology, so I figure a detox is the least that I can do

Day 1


Green Machine Smoothie¬†minus the parsley and ginger because we didn’t have any ūüė¶


Kale Slaw with Red Cabbage and Carrots minus hemp seeds because they are basically impossible to find and the hunt still continues


Pistachios! Yum- thank goodness for nuts this week!


Roasted Peppers, Cauliflower, and Almonds 

So far, I feel pretty dandy and my energy levels are average. This might be because I have a green smoothie almost every day so it might take a few days for me to start experiencing hunger pains or any other symptoms that some experience during their first detox. So we’re going into day 1 confident and excited!

French Fries


After a looong week of life insurance class (Yes, soon we will be licensed to sell life insurance in the state of Ohio, along with a couple other really cool financial needs applications!) Mitch and I went to Ruby Tuesdays where I got french fries for the first time in months. Now, I didn’t go on a french fry strike or anything, but when I thought about how long it at had since I had fries I started getting super pumped about the deliciousness that was about to be in my mouth . The end result was that I devoured the fries and couldn’t even finish my burger. But my¬†excitement¬†about the fries got me thinking about why french fries are even called french fries in the first place. I remembered a fews years back (okay, okay a decade ago! Hard to believe.) after 9-11 that we started calling the Freedom fries. By the way, by “we” I mean not myself. But I was wondering how much France actually had to do with the naming of the snack in the first place.

The research wasn’t hard to conduct, apparently many people wonder, “#yeabutwhy do we call them french fries anyway?”. I found two pretty easy to accept answers, the first being the style in which the potatoes are cut. Similarly to french-style green beans, french fries are more¬†thinly¬†sliced than their fellow potato pals the potato chip, home fries, or hash browns. The style of thinning slicing was originally used only for meat, but is now used on various¬†vegetables. As a side note, I am definitely a fan of the many ways we prepare the potato- yum! The other reason found was it is believed that the style of frying them began in France. This is highly disputed, with many citizens of Belgium and Holland claiming the potato was first sliced and fried in their countries. Another thing, they do not call them American fries in France… no they don’t even like us that much ūüôā So there you have it, the style of cutting and preparing the potato is what gives it it’s¬†Parisian¬†name. Also, it is basically only the U.S. and Canada that refer to the our¬†thinly¬†sliced potatoes as french fries, most other countries and languages just call them what they are- fried potatoes.¬†

PS- I am confused as to why Holland and Belgium are fighting over which one of them created the original food that led to the downfall (or should I say upped size) of the American waistline, but to each his own!

My boat, the Ski Challenger

I’ve boated my entire life. My family has a Ski Challenger, it’s a competition ski boat that I learned to slalom on when I was very young. It’s the reason I was on the waterski and wakeboard team at OU. We boat at a beautiful lake called Summersville Lake in Summersville, WV. My entire family has skied behind, drank too much beer on and been thrown off my boat at some time in their life. My dad LOVED my boat, I’ll repeat “LOVED”. For those of you who don’t know, my dad actually died on this lake. It was a really hard time when I felt like I hated the lake but that it also held all the most beautiful memories with my dad and the rest of my family. 5 1/2 years later, Summersville Lake is still one of my favorite places on the planet. It’s just different there than anywhere else in the world- and I’ve been a lot of places. Anyway, because my dad loved the boat so much he basically never let my mom and I do anything on it. It took care of it, cleaned it and got everything ready so we could just hop on and play.

After his accident, my mom wanted to get rid of everything that had to do with the lake and boating. Since I had taken to¬†immersing¬†myself in it… I became a 20 year old owner of ¬†beautiful, and yet very expensive and needy boat. Anyone who’s close to me knows I don’t mess around with my boat. There are no shoes on the boat, no crumbs on the boat and if you disrespect the boat I throw your ass off. Same rules as when I was growing up (yes I got thrown off the boat and left to think about my actions in the middle of the lake on multiple occasions haha). We also don’t mess around with the amount of fun we have on the boat. Needless to say, learning to maintain the boat has been challenging both mentally and emotionally. Our friends at the lake are some of the most amazing people one could ever ask for. They are fun, loving, crazy and just down right good people. It is a family there. Most everyone is my dad’s age and looks after me like crazy. All the men jump if I even have a concerned look on my face. I love it- their support got me through the darkest times.

Every year I learn something new about the boat. Be it something about the engine, body or just a trick that my boat run smoother. All the guys had helped me winterize the boat until last year when Mitch, my boyfriend, who can fix ANYTHING did it for me. That is all great and dandy but I saw myself going down the same path of just letting someone else work on the boat instead of learning for myself. It is my boat and my obsession so I have to learn. Last night Mitch taught me 1) #yeabutwhy we winterize and 2) #yeabuthow. It was great. It seems like a no- brainer, you winterize the boat so the pipes don’t freeze- yes I knew that. But Mitch helped me understand that the boat uses the water from the lake as a coolant and that’s why there’s water in the engine block. Also, you have to pour in the antifreeze until it comes out the exhaust pipes at the end of the boat. It was a little emotional- my boat always makes me think of and miss my dad like crazy. It was our thing. But I’m so blessed to have friends that help Mitch and I learn so we can have the boat to create memories with our friends and future family.

PS- Mitch is still afraid to kiss me on the dock because the guys¬†threatened¬†his life the first time he did it- ha! I love it ūüôā

Moving to Italy without a job….

Mitch and I have exceeded our time in Ashtabula. We are definitely feeling the pull to travel and just have fun. That being said,  we have now convinced each other that it would be a good idea to move to Italy with or without jobs. As the economy sucks and basically every country is having insane political problems I think it is appropriate for this #yeabutwhy to explain to everyone (okay actually convince myself) why moving with or without a job is not only exciting but necessary.

Manarola, Italy

Ashtabula isn’t as terrible as everyone said it would be, by any means. On the flip side, our lifestyle is little… shall we say… hippie-ish. I will admit that I was the one that got Mitch into the whole “green” thing, but now I think he likes it as much as I do. We make purchasing decisions based on the company’s values, respect for the earth and packaging. We compost everything that we can. Never use plastic bags, only our reusables. Try to reuse as many everyday things as possible. I don’t even by tradition medicines anymore- essential oils, herbs and all natural products have made “medicine”¬†unnecessary. Long story short is that this area of Ohio is not¬†conducive to living a healthy, green lifestyle. I have to drive at least an hour to get to any type of health store! Also, Mitch and I love to be outside, exploring everything. It’s already cold and dark here. Our hours of daylight are even limited, add work and we’re not living the lives we want. The reason we moved here was for Mitch to gain experience, which he¬†definitely¬†has. I mean, he can make wine! That’s amazing! I have learned about corporate social media¬†and feel like an expert on wine and diamonds. Hell yea! We have had a great time here, grown as individuals and as a couple and are now ready for the next adventure in our lives. Ready for new experiences, opportunities, friends- ready for life.¬†

PS- I’m ready to get our tickets right NOW!! So we’re moving because we are meant for greatness and we both know that Italy is great. It will seep in via osmosis ūüôā

Who is “The Red Man”

Hi there! Mitch and I had the road trip from Hell earlier this week. We were helping my aunt, Chic Traveling Mama‘s mom, to North Carolina. All was well until the Penske truck broke down in¬†Virginia¬†and we had to stay the night in a sketch-ball hotel. We were able to turn a 10 hour drive into 26! ¬†It was¬†definitely¬†an adventure, and well worth it. The couple of days with my family was exactly what I needed ūüôā Anyway, on the way down we passed a ton of high schools whose mascot’s were The Red Skins. It got me thinking #yeabutwhy did we ever begin¬†referring¬†to Native Americans as The Red Man or Red Skins in the first place?

Apparently there are a few contradictory theories. The first and easiest being they had a red tint to their skin due to their being outside in the sun more often than the Europeans. The second being a way to differentiate them from the other races. White and black were already taken so someone decided on red. Thirdly, it is possible that the first or one of the first tribes the Europeans found painted their bodies red. Because they were the only Native Americans the Europeans knew they assumed all painted their bodies in this fashion and began to call them red. Finally, and the least historically based theory of them all is that red means blood. After a successful battle for the Europeans they would drag the bloodied, scalped, mangled body of the Native American through villages for all to see who had been triumphant. Because these were the Native Americans that most people saw they began to call them red.

So I’m glad I found any sort of answer, but I’m a little disappointed that no one has been able to come up with a more¬†definitive¬†answer. Who knows, maybe it’s a combination of all four that allowed the name to live this long. For those of us less politically correct in the group… yes it is still not okay to refer to a Native American as a Red Man or Red Skin. I hope no one does that anymore… but because I live in a rather close minded state (ie: Ohio) I know it’s a definite¬†possibility.

PS- Millions of Americans have Native American blood in them somewhere. It is very interesting to find out about your heritage and if you are one of the millions. The true story of the conquering of America is one everyone should be informed of.

Fore, Heads up… what?!

So I started to get curious about why we say certain things when we mean others. Example: “fore!” when we mean “watch out!” and “heads up!” when we mean “duck” and come to think of it…. why do we say “duck” at all?! Again, thanks to the wonderful internet I found my answer without too much time invested. So, let’s start at the beginning. The word duck as transformed through the years. The dutch word “duiken” means “to dive”, with such a large Dutch influence on our culture the word “duiken” is now duck meaning “dive down”. Funny right?? Well there’s more. Apparently the United States is the only country that uses the word combination “heads up”. It began in the early 1900s not as a way to say “duck”, but mean “alert”, “pay attention” or “use your head”. So the next time someone yells “heads up” I think I’m going to… still duck haha And finally, “fore”. “Fore” again doesn’t mean “duck”, it means “be forewarned”. So, it’s a a short one today but the moral of the story is ¬†if someone’s shouting at you: 1) duck 2) be alert 3) look up and check your surroundings.


PS- I’m a scuba diver and when you come to the surface you put your hand in a fist on the top of your head to make sure you don’t come up and hit the bottom of the boat… I think this would be a safe idea if you hear any of the aforementioned words ūüôā

Why Birthdays??

Mitch’s grandma’s birthday is tomorrow and we were buying a birthday card when I wondered, “#Yeabutwhy do we celebrate birthdays?” I found some very interesting things in my research. Birthdays began as a pagan celebration of the Gods. Birth records were not kept and thus birthdays of individuals were impossible. During the Roman Empire, certain political figures felt their birthdays were as important as the Gods and deserved to be celebrated. The Roman’s were¬†incredibly¬†advanced in many ways and keeping birth records was one of them. ¬†Years passed and the celebrations moved from Gods, to political figures, to everyday people. Birthdays were lost during the Dark Ages because life didn’t lend itself to keeping track of when people were born. Well, today birth records are back and so are birthday celebrations. So that answered the initial question.

Happy Birthday??

The more interesting fact I found out during my research is that in their truest forms, most religions don’t support the celebration of birthdays. This comes back to the pagan aspect. In the Bible, birthday celebrations are only mentioned twice. In both instances they are associated with paganism and death. The only modern¬†religion that sticks to this is¬†Jehovah’s¬†Witness. Everyone think’s they’re crazy to not celebrate birthdays and other holidays, but they are in fact living the way most of our religions would want us to. ¬†I found it very intriguing that, yet again, a celebration Christianity claims to be their own and of good moral status is false. So, next time you’re at Grandma’s birthday standing awkwardly next to smelly Uncle John and the cat-lady from down the street you’ll have something cool to contribute to the¬†conversation!¬†¬†Happy Birthday Grandma Ramsey!

PS- I LOVE bringing up awkward dinner conversation, so this is right up my alley ūüôā

Concentrate… on what?

Orange Juice... or what's left of it when it finally gets to our shelves

In true #yeabutwhy fashion, I have been wondering exactly what “from concentrate” means on a bottle of orange juice. I know, I know… I’m 22 years old and I should have asked someone this years ago but I’m not a HUGE orange juice fan and I guess it just hasn’t bugged me enough to look into it. Recently, however, I’ve seen commercials about a “Pure Squeezed” Minute Made orange juice. Don’t get excited, we still don’t have cable (waa waa) I’ve seen the commercial on hulu plus. The dad from Modern Family, Ty Burrell, says “never from concentrate” and I started to wonder what that exactly meant. There are three main orange juice companies in the United States. Tropicana, owned by Pepsi, Minute Made, owned by Coco Cola and Florida’s Natural, a Florida-based agricultural co-op.

So, let’s get into the good stuff. The legit fresh-pressed juice is evaporated by heat and vacuum. The water, essences and oils are extracted and the sugar concentration is brought up to nearly 65%! Now here is where there is some confusion as to whether this is all frozen or separated. I read some companies split this and put half into the frozen cans and the other half is shipped for water to be re-added later. What cheaposI They get double the money for 1 product! I guess other companies take it all for water to be re-added. It’s called reconstituted when the water is added again and the sugar concentration is lowered to 42%. This is still about 3 times higher than the sugar content would be in pure juice. The reason companies don’t just leave the juice in it’s natural form is because it’s so expensive to ship. The problem with this is most nutrients and vitamins are lost and the “juice” essentially flavored sugar water. Thank goodness “American” companies are praised when they deplete us of essential nutrients to make DOUBLE money! Ouch right?? The moral of the story is always buy fresh-pressed juice for your family.

PS- Apparently “not from concentrate” is essentially just as bad, so always stick with fresh-pressed if your looking for the healthiest option for your family.